"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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Evolution Marketing Featured in Graphic Desgin USA’s (September/October 2014)

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Evolution Marketing President named “Women Business Leader of the Year”

Except from Oconomowoc Focus by Donna Frake, posted on Oct. 15th, 2014

….Women in Business Leadership Award

Lisa Geason-Bauer, owner of Evolution Marketing, is committed to environmental sustainability, fresh local food and leading by example. Whether building a statewide sustainability network, promoting local agriculture or mentoring students and community leaders, the effects of her professional and volunteer leadership can be seen throughout Oconomowoc and Wisconsin.

Locally, her leadership has contributed to the success of many organizations and projects, including Greener Oconomowoc, the Oconomowoc summer and winter farmers markets and Imagination Station.

“I am grateful to be nominated by one of my colleagues, Steven Hill at Watertown Budget Print, for the 2014 Women in Business Leadership Award. I am honored to receive this award and feel fortunate to be recognized for the leadership role I have played in recruiting and mentoring other younger women working within the sustainability field over the last several years,” Geason-Bauer said.

“As a sustainability consultant, it is typically a very male-dominated filed. The new face in 2014 is women under 40. I’ve been working in this field for so long, and it wasn’t always this way. Many of the women I have mentored fit into that demographic. I think it’s really nice to have an appreciation for helping women be successful in this niche field,” she added…….

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Walking the Walk: Carbon 101 inspires businesses to shrink carbon footprints

Exceprt from IB In Business  by Jan Wilson, posted Oct. 2014

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……..Lisa Geason-Bauer of Evolution Marketing encourages business owners to share their success stories strategically, engaging the audience, empowering the end user, and most of all, being truthful and trustworthy.

Geason-Bauer’s small business conducted its first carbon analysis in 2010. Not surprisingly, her vehicle produced most of the company’s carbon emissions, so she replaced it with an electric-powered car. She also encouraged the audience to measure its own carbon footprint with the use of The Nature Conservancy’s carbon footprint calculator.

“The biggest opportunity starts with small business,” Geason-Bauer said. “It starts with you.”

Dave Zweifel’s Madison: Free event Friday will show small businesses how to combat climate change

Excerpt from The Capital Times (Cap Times), by Dave Zweifel, posted on Sept. 30th, 2014
…….Lisa Geason-Bauer, one of the event’s organizers and president of Evolution Marketing, says the purpose of the event is to share with small and medium sized businesses the lessons learned from larger companies that have been involved in efforts to reduce the amount of carbon they contribute to the environment.

“The biggest reason I think that a small (50 or fewer employees) or medium size (150 or fewer employees) business should attend is to learn how to better position their businesses for long term viability,” she wrote me. “At some point in the future all businesses will have to decide how they want to tackle carbon within their organization.”

She urges small business leaders to read a recently released report from the Carbon Disclosure Project that talks about the actions large companies are taking to prepare for the future and how climate change will most assuredly be tied to profitability…..

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Earth Day business awards honor green product, move to cut waste

Excerpt from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, story by Thomas Content – posted on April 9th, 2014

…..The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council is naming six winners of the award at a sustainability workshop the council is hosting with Cool Choices on Wednesday at Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

The awards were created to identify what Thomas Eggert, the sustainable business council’s executive director, described as “the real icons, the people and companies that are really providing the leadership” on the path toward sustainability….

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Lake Country & Oconomowoc Focus – Talk of The Town (Dec. 20th, 2013)

Hats off to the City of Oconomowoc and it’s Utilities department on earning the highest designation of “Green Master” from the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council. The city scored in the top 20 percent of 167 participating companies in the Green Masters Program.

City Administrator Diane Gard said she was very proud of her city when attending the recent conference that announced the recognition. She noted that the city was recognized in a field of some pretty notable companies including Johnson Controls, Frito Lay and Lands End. The city has lead the way in finding ways to be more sustainable including its commitment to reduce its fuel and energy usage.

Also joining the Green Masters awards is Oconomowoc business, Evolution Marketing. It is the only marketing and communications firm in the state to earn the designation. Evolution Marketing’s company vehicle is a electric car meaning the company pays approximately 14 cents a mile in fuel and 2.5 cents a mile in electricity. What’s more fun? Evolution Marketing works with a family farm to compost food waste.

Thank you both for leading by example!

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Wisconsin businesses attracted to Green Masters Program

…..The volunteer work with the farmers market has paid off for the company, too, said Geason-Bauer. “We have been able to translate our passion for local food into new client accounts, which has been financially advantageous for us as a business,” she said.

Evolution is focused on sustainability and green communications, so it’s no surprise that the company has taken steps to curb its footprint — from becoming the first business in Wisconsin to purchase an all-electric Nissan Leaf last year to working with a local farm to compost organic waste this year.

In contrast to Evolution Marketing, some of the largest companies in the state were honored this year, including Johnson Controls Inc. and Rockwell Automation in the Milwaukee area. Other winners include……

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Put purple potatoes on the table for Thanksgiving

Linda Schmeling of Max & Lindy Produce, Hustisford, WI, offers pesticide and herbicide free produce along with free range ducks and brown chicken eggs at the Oconomowoc Winters Farmers Market.

Linda Schmeling of Max & Lindy Produce, Hustisford, WI, offers pesticide and herbicide free produce along with free range ducks and brown chicken eggs at the Oconomowoc Winters Farmers Market. Photo by: Cynthia Luksich

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of the 2013 Oconomowoc winter farmers market on Sunday, Nov. 10, in the Oconomowoc Landscape Supply and Garden Center greenhouses, N68 W37850 Highway K, Oconomowoc. The market runs the second and fourth Sunday of each month, November through April.

As more people become interested in buying local food, the winter market offers an opportunity to prepare Thanksgiving courses grown locally — many with heirloom vegetables.

Heirloom vegetables are grown from seeds that have not been genetically modified. They are the original seeds, explained market organizer Lisa Geason-Bauer. It can be a local meal, but a fun one, too, said Geason-Bauer. “You can purchase purple potatoes at the market. Purple mashed potatoes can be fun for the kids at Thanksgiving dinner,” she said. And there are purple carrots, too. “A great way to brighten up your presentation,” she added.

Geason-Bauer said the heirloom vegetables at the market are perfect for a vegetable succotash or roasted vegetables of any kind. She added that you can easily entertain holiday visitors with appetizers such as cheese, which starts with Oconomowoc cows at Koepke Farms. “Grab some cheese from Koepke and pair it with the Rushing Water (Fisheries) trout spread and you’ve created an appetizer plate,” she suggested. “These are easy things to entertain with local flair and delicious veggies.”

The winter market was the brainchild of Geason-Bauer of Greener Oconomowoc who co-chairs this event with Katie Miller of the Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce. Ken Rizzo, who’s been working with Geason-Bauer for years at Greener Oconomowoc, said that this is the third-largest indoor farmers market in Wisconsin……..

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Local Businesses share proof that being green saves green!

Excerpt from Living Lake Country by Paige Brunclik, posted: May 24th, 2013

It’s a common perception that operating sustainably will cost more. However two local businesses have debunked that and feel so strongly about operating sustainably they offered their services for free — and the work earned national and regional recognition.

Evolution Marketing of Oconomowoc and Budget Print of Watertown announced earlier this month that they won a 2012 American Graphic Design Award and a Great Lakes Graphic Association Graphics Excellence Award for pro bono work they did for the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council.

The recent awards were proof that you can create just as effective and attractive product as leading printers in the Midwest, and in an environmentally conscious manner. “People think green will cost more … if someone can print the exact same thing, why not choose the one that’s environmentally conscious?” said Steven Hill, vice president and sustainability director of Budget Print………

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Oconomowoc summer farmers market begins Saturday in new location, more vendors

Excerpt from Living Oconomowoc Focus By Paige Brunclik, posted: May 13, 2013

City of OconomowocSummer farmers markets are a popular tradition in Wisconsin bringing the fruits of the field to the city. However, the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce’s market this year is going one step further, creating a new synergy between the market and the business community.

The market is stretching out this year in a new location — the south municipal parking lot between the Depot restaurant and the Avenue Square Mall. More than 30 vendors will set up there, along with more than a half-dozen artisans and several concessionaires.

The market committee has established a select space for artisan vendors this year. The artisan vendors have a unique, high-quality wares they create, said Market Planning Committee Chair woman Lisa Geason-Bauer………

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Evolution Marketing News  Releases:  Budget Print and Evolution Marketing are Recognized

May 6th, 2013

Improve your life ‘cycle’ at Earth Day Bike Summit : Free event Sunday promotes bicycling, healthy lifestyles

Excerpt taken from Living Lake Country By Andrea Budde,  posted: April 15, 2013

With its rolling hills and scenic trails, the Oconomowoc area is a spectacular place to enjoy outdoor activities, especially bicycle riding. To honor nature’s beauty and promote bike riding, this year’s Earth Day celebration, presented by Greener Oconomowoc, will focus on the splendor that is bicycling on Sunday, April 21 at the Oconomowoc Arts Center, 641 E. Forest St.

Biking theme

This 7th annual event will showcase educational programs, environmental organizations, biking partners and advocacy groups along with local businesses interested in healthy living. The event is free and open to the public with a donation to the Oconomowoc Food Pantry.

The theme of biking was picked this year because “there are a lot of people in the area who like biking,” said Greener Oconomowoc Earth Day PR Coordinator, Lisa Geason-Bauer. Many of these same people incorporate biking as one component of an overall healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy and promoting sustainability – topics that will also be addressed during the Earth Day events.

For the first time last year, the event featured movie nights with a viewing of “Who Killed the Electric Car” the Friday before Earth Day, and the film “Fresh” the Friday after. A panel was held following each film to further discuss each topic.

“The whole point was to raise awareness,” explained Geason-Bauer………….

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 Give the gift of local

Excerpt taken from article in Sunday Living Lake Country By Melissa Graham

………Trying to add a special touch to your holiday meal?

“Give the gift of local this holiday season,” said Greener Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market (OWFM) Director Lisa Geason-Bauer.

Sure enough, every year, Geason-Bauer adds a highly-coveted recipe to her Christmas cards. There’s a note, too, that says “the majority of ingredients can be sourced from your local winter farmers’ market.”

It’s not that hard, right?

There’s still fresh produce at the OWFM from local vendors, too. Geason-Bauer said that more farmers are putting in hoop houses and they are able to extend their growing season. Vendors like Max & Lindy’s will sell carrots, cabbage, beets, mushrooms, micro greens and other veggies. Full Harvest Farm from Hartford will be there, too, through the Dec. 9.

A completely local meal isn’t impossible, either.

When you live in Wisconsin you have no excuse for getting your meats and cheeses from nonlocals, Geason-Bauer explains. Koepke Farms La Belle has excellent cheeses, which are made in small batches from cows milked right in Oconomowoc. Throw in some Bugling Pines Elk meats and sausages and you’ll be ready to pour the wine…………….

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Chamber Executive Director, Pat Ornberg, retires after six years with Oconomowoc chamber

Excerpt taken from article posted on Living Lake Country on Nov. 5th, 2012 by Paige Brunclik

………Lisa Geason-Bauer, owner of Oconomowoc’s Evolution Marketing, has worked with Ornberg as a business owner and chamber member, but also as founder of the winter farmers market. She said it was through Ornberg’s support and encouragement that the winter market got off the ground. The now-popular event attracts more than 600 people each market day.

“In 2010 when I was Greener Oconomowoc president and as a chamber business member, it was my idea to start an indoor winter farmers market in Oconomowoc. I was able to found the Oconomowoc winter farmers market as a partnership between a business organization (Oconomowoc Chamber) and an environmental organization (Greener Oconomowoc), in large part due to Pat Ornberg’s support for the idea,” she said.

Geason-Bauer said 95 percent of farmers markets in the state don’t have chambers involved, so the Oconomowoc chamber’s involvement in both the winter and summer markets make them unique and create more opportunities for education and community partnerships.

“I think it helps ours be so successful because it has the business community supporting it,” Geason-Bauer said…….

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Plugged In – Roundtable, tour will showcase CNG, alternative fuel vehicles

Excerpt taken from Thomas Content’s Business Blog at the  Milwuakee Journal Sentinel, posted on Oct 19th, 2012

…..The tour is co-sponsored by Clean Cities and the American Lung Association of Wisconsin.

“We’re really looking at featuring the normal citizen’s awareness of alternative fuels in the community,” said Jerry Medinger, manager of clean fuels and vehicle technologies at the lung association. “I don’t know if many people know that we have a biodiesel terminal on Jones Island, that many businesses are using propane, or that when an airport shuttle pulls up to take them to the parking lot, it’s running on natural gas.”

More information about the tour is available by calling Medinger at (262) 703-4851.

Later in the day, Oconomowoc will have a clean-vehicle car show of sorts to allow families to check out the variety of different vehicles that are now on sale. That will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. at Oconomowoc Utilities, 808 S. Worthington St.

That includes Lisa Geason-Bauer’s all-electric Nissan Leaf as well as an electric motorcycle, neighborhood electric vehicles and a plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius, as well as an E85-fueled 2011 Chevrolet Impala and a CNG fueled 2009 Honda Civic GX.

“We want to let people know that these vehicles are here, and anybody can buy them,” she said.

The lung association has been involved in promoting cleaner burning vehicles for years, “focusing on making sure people aware of options that might be better for lung health, and part of that being air quality,” Medinger said…..

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Clean cars on display at Cooney Thursday

Except from Oct. 22nd, 2012 – Lake Country Reporter

We all know that gas prices today put the hurt on your pocketbook, but have you ever thought about the cost of fuel emissions to your health? The American Lung Association (ALA) reports that motorized vehicles are the single largest source of air pollution. You might not connect the ALA with initiatives for alternative fuels, but when you look at the health problems that carbon emissions cause, it makes sense.

On Thursday, the American Lung Association Wisconsin Clean Air Choice Program and National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium will drive home the importance of considering alternative fuel vehicles.

Thursday, Oct. 25, is National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey. More than 160 events are being held nationwide to bring awareness to the benefits of alternative fuels. In Milwaukee, free educational events include a tour on a propane-powered bus to sites that have other alternative fuel vehicles (AFV).

Oconomowoc resident and owner of Evolution Marketing, Lisa Geason-Bauer, recently purchased an all-electric Nissan Leaf. She was invited by Jerry Medinger of the ALA to be part of the Milwaukee Odyssey tour. Being someone who is passionate about sustainable living, Geason-Bauer asked Medinger if Oconomowoc could be part of Wisconsin Odyssey events.

From 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday at Oconomowoc Utilities, 808 S. Worthington St., the public is invited to see local AFVs and talk with the people who drive them…..

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National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey Promotes Clean Transportation  

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One month left for summer farmers’ market – Winter Market begins November 11th

Excerpt taken from article posted Sept 19th at Living Oconomowoc Focus by Paige Brunclik

Don’t let the cooler temperatures herald fall in quite yet. The farmers will still be downtown Saturdays for another month selling locally grown produce and wares at the Oconomowoc farmers market.

The market, sponsored by the Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce, is truly one of its kind, as a Travel Green Wisconsin Certified market. According to www.travelwisconsin.com, “The Department of Tourism initiated Travel Green Wisconsin in 2006 to promote smart, environmentally friendly business practices. The program is the first state-sponsored sustainable travel green certification program in the nation and has become a model for sustainable travel efforts both nationally and internationally.”

Market Chairwoman Lisa Geason-Bauer said the market follows an effort Oconomowoc has embraced to operate in a more-sustainable manner. She said each of the city’s three hotels are also Travel Green certified.

“It fits with the city’s tagline, ‘Life Comes Naturally,’ ” Geason-Bauer added…..

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Evolution Marketing Plugs into Conservation with Green Fleet Vehicle

Click here to view an article about Evolution Marketing from the August 2012 Metro Milwaukee edition of Natural Awakenings

Evolution Marketing Leads by Example

Excerpt from July 2012 ReFUEL newsletter by WI Clean Cities – Southeastern Area

Evolution Marketing, member of Wisconsin Clean Cities, is a small marketing firm that strives to help other companies promote their sustainable work and now has one of the first all-electric vehicles in the state. Lisa Geason-Bauer founded Evolution Marketing in 2008 and has been active in a variety of green roles, from running the local winter farmers market to being active on green issues for an Oconomowoc city “lead by example” team. She’s also
a board member of the statewide Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, a network of mostly large companies…..

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Nissan Leaf is more then just Transportation: “Green” Marketing Firm uses it to Lead by Example

Except from July 9th, 2012 – Oconomowoc Today

Evolution Marketing is leading by example. In June it was the first business in Wisconsin to add a Nissan Leaf to its vehicle fleet.  Leasing to own the all-electric Leaf was a strategic business decision as Oconomowoc-based Evolution Marketing specializes in environmental communication, green design and sustainable marketing strategies.

Lisa Geason-Bauer, President of Evolution Marketing explains, “Truly demonstrating sustainability is more then just adding the word “green” to your list of services.  At Evolution Marketing we believe sustainability can only be accomplished by taking a holistic systems wide approach to management of the business.  Since 2008 we have taken steps and completed initiatives within nine areas of sustainability: water, waste, energy, climate change, supply chain, governance, workforce, community and transportation.”

Geason-Bauer adds, “As the President of Evolution Marketing, one of my goals is to grow this business in a sustainable manner through hiring talented employee’s that are paid a family supporting wage and generating a profit while operating in an environmentally responsible manner.”…….

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Local Business Owner Plugged into Conservation 

 Expert from Thursday June 28th, 2012 – Oconomowoc Focus, By Paige Brunclik 

City of Oconomowoc – Lisa Geason-Bauer’s company, Evolution Marketing, has turned over a new leaf, and you might have noticed. The marketing business owner said she’s caught the attention of younger generations by driving the company’s newest investment, a Nissan Leaf, around town. She’s even received a “Hey lady, your car’s not running,” from a stranger because the electric car is much quieter than its gas-driven counterparts.
But the cool factor and intrigue of having the new car – only the second sold in this part of the state – isn’t why she purchased it. It was a business decision, and an important one to Geason-Bauer, who takes the green and sustainable tags associated with her business seriously.
“To really demonstrate sustainability is more than adding green to your company explanation,” said Geason-Bauer…….

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Leaf Owner is Charged Up About Going Green

Excerpt from Friday June 22nd, 2012 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Business Section, article by Tom Content

Oconomowoc – A small green marketing firm that strives to help other companies promote their sustainable work now has one of the first all-electric cars in the state.
Lisa Geason-Bauer founded Evolution Marketing in 2008 and has been active in a variety of green roles, from running the local winter farmers market to being active on green issues for an Oconomowoc city “lead by example” team. She’s also a board member of the statewide Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council, a network of mostly large companies.
She’s been on the waiting list for a Nissan Leaf for the firm for more than two years because she wanted a car that was as green as her business.
“Of course it’s a great marketing tool, but it’s more than that,” Geason-Bauer said, sitting in a basement office with Energy Star windows, sustainably harvested wooden doors and low-VOC paint. “If having a Nissan Leaf is helping us to have a lesser environmental impact, while still doing our job and making money, why not?”
Tom Eggert, who runs the state sustainable business council, said Evolution’s decision to buy a Leaf and install a home charging station makes the company a pioneer.
“It’s really important to highlight these examples of leadership that in this case Lisa is providing,” he said. “There’s this sort of gradual interest in electric cars that’s starting to grow, and we need some people who are ready, who sight-unseen are ready to take the chance on something like this.”……..

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UPS Store Small Business of the Month – Evolution Marketing

Click on this link to learn more about the April UPS Store Small Business of the Month.  Scroll down on the page and listen to a radio commercial that was recorded with Evolution Marketing’s President Lisa Geason-Bauer and Ellen ( Owner of the UPS Store of Oconomowoc ) regarding all of the fantastic environmentally responsible options the Oconomowoc UPS Store has for customers!

Evolution Marketing Celebrates 5 yr Anniversary

Excerpt from Lake Country Reporter/Oconomwoc Focus posted on Jan. 23rd, 2012

City of Oconomowoc – When Lisa Geason-Bauer was asked what prompted her to start the full-service, sustainably-minded marketing firm, Evolution Marketing, she said it goes back to her roots.

“Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin – you don’t really get any greener than that. Nature and the environment are in my blood,” said the Oconomowoc resident who spent her youth on her father’s dairy farm in Delafield.

Geason-Bauer celebrates her business’s five-year anniversary this month. While it’s a small milestone, the time spans the start of the economy’s slip into a recession to today as the nation is still looking to recover.

However, Geason-Bauer’s firm is attractive to companies because of how the recession has influenced today’s consumers and businesses.

“Over the last five years, the way business is done in Wisconsin – and the U.S. even – has changed tremendously and it’s partly because of the recession,” Geason-Bauer said.

Budgets have shrunk, and Geason-Bauer indicated that one of the things that has made “green” go mainstream is the money-saving component…….

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Lisa Geason-Bauer shares experiences & insight into the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market

Excerpt taken Living Lake County section of Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted on Nov.17th,2011 

……..State trends

 The ethic fits neatly into Wisconsin’s culture that emphasizes the use and conservation of natural resources, agriculture, outdoor sports and activities, and rural and woodlands live styles, according to Lisa Geason-Bauer, a marketing consultant who comes from a multigenerational Lake Country farm family.

She believes there are combination of factors contributing to the evolution and success of small, local producers of agricultural products.  There is a growing concern among consumers, particularly seniors and mothers of young children, about how and where their food is being produced and a belief that freshly and naturally produced food can help prevent and combat a wide range of diseases. “If you look at the people who were at the market on Sunday, they ranged from people in their 30s to 50s, along with some baby boomers in their 60s,” she noted.

The nationwide sale of local foods through farmers markets, farm stands, or to grocery stores and restaurants, approached $5 billion in 2008 and is expected to reach at least $7 billion in 2011, according to the United States Department of Agricultural. Wisconsin has become a leader in the production and sale of locally grown agricultural products………..

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Evolution Marketing named Green Business of the Year

 Excerpt taken from Oconomowoc Focus article posted on Oct. 26th, 2011 

…..Green Business Awards

New this year to the chamber’s annual awards is the recognition, by company size, of companies that are making environmentally friendly business decisions. “We try to keep up with the times and the focus of businesses. Green business is becoming more and more popular in the area and across the country,” explained Ornberg.  “We thought in order to give it its importance in the community, we should recognize those businesses that gone above and beyond to initiate green practices and sustainability in their companies,” she added. Green Business Awards went to the following businesses.

Evolution Marketing, small business

One of the company’s core values has been the incorporation of environmental sustainability and stewardship into all aspects of the business organization. “As a small-business owner I strive to make sustainable business decisions, which limit the environmental impact of Evolution Marketing’s activities while working hard to source materials locally and further support the local economy,” said Lisa Geason-Bauer, owner/manager of the business. “Being awarded the first Green Business of the Year Award (small business category) by the Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce demonstrates that the Evolution Marketing team is on the right track in relationship to reducing waste, saving energy and eliminating pollution.

“Since Evolution Marketing works within the fields of environmental communication and green marketing, it is important to practice what we preach. Being named the 2011 Green Business of the Year, further demonstrates to the business community and our clientele that we are leading by example,” Geason-Bauer added…….

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Interview with Evolution Marketing President about sustainability in Waukesha County businesses 

Excerpt taken from Oconomowoc Focus article, published on Jan. 5th, 2011 

…….This year, three Oconomowoc companies were identified at the Green Professional level: Evolution Marketing, Oconomowoc Utilities and Sentry Equipment. Two Oconomowoc businesses, Lake Country Energy and MSI General Corporation were recognized at the Green Apprentice level.

“There is clearly a demand in the business community for the educational services the council is providing. The conference is one of the things they do to educate business leaders in the state,” said Lisa Geason-Bauer of Evolution Marketing, and Oconomowoc – based company that participates in the Green Masters Program.  Geason-Bauer noted Oconomowoc’s strong showing at the conference.

“I wasn’t surprised at all. I was really happy to get such great representation from Oconomowoc,” she said.
“Waukesha County has many business leaders that are engaging in sustainable practices,” Geason-Bauer added.

 Sustainability in the Green Masters Program has been defined through nine specific areas and all participants need to have taken at least one action in each of the areas. Through an online survey of business actions, companies identify their strengths while learning about additional actions they can take. Businesses have learned it makes economic sense to be involved in energy efficiencies, Geason-Bauer said.

 “I think part of it is Oconomowoc is a big enough community to have a diversity of businesses in it, filled with people who are very aware of their environmental footprint.Waukesha County as a whole is far more aware from a sustainability standpoint. We’re seeing an emphasis placed on sustainability that I don’t think you see in many places,” Geason-Bauer said. ……….

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