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Green Fleet Vehicle

bunny.discoveryworld.2012                 Photograph taken at 2012 Milwaukee Odyssey Event at Discovery World, where the Evolution Marketing Leaf is charging.

Odyssey Day Banner

2014 Odyssey Event at Outpost Natural Foods in Mequon, WI

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4Jessyphoto

Photographs above:  Lisa (President of Evolution Marketing) with the Evolutoin Marketing Leaf,  Jessy (Outpost Sustainability Manager) in a Telsa with Lisa and the Evolution Marketing Lead plugged into a portable solar display.


Evolution Marketing has joined the EV Everywhere Challenge 

verticallogoOn March 7, 2012, President Obama announced the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, a “Clean Energy Grand Challenge” with the goal of enabling the United States to be the first in the world to produce plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) that are as affordable and convenient for the average American family as today’s gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 10 years.

As part of the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge, DOE launched the Workplace Charging Challenge in January 2013, with the goal of increasing the number of American employers offering workplace charging by tenfold in the next five years.  Evolution Marketing joined the Challenge in Sept. of 2014.

Find more information about the Workplace Charging Challenge and the EV Everywhere Grand Challenge at www.electricvehicles.energy.gov



 photo 1JUNE 2014 – Outpost Natural Foods (Mequon WI) 

WasteCap Resource Solutions hosted a tour and educational program which covered the innovative sustainability features that were incorporated into the new Mequon Outpost Natural Food store.  Lisa Geason-Bauer gave a short presentation on the trends within the field of electric vehicles and explained why Outpost is the perfect fit for a Charge Point EV charging station.

The Evolution Marketing Leaf is pictured at the EV charging station.

Below are PDF’s of the information that was handed out at the Outpost Event on June 18th, 2014.

EV Fun Facts Handout

2013 Data for the Evolution Marketing Leaf 


photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

MAY 2014

Images above are of the Evolution Marketing booth at the first Wales Main Street Green Market held in downtown Wales WI on May 31st, 2014.

The Evolution Marketing Leaf is charging off a mobile charging station that was made by  WCTC!  Mike Bauer is pictured standing by the Leaf. 







OCTOBER 2013 – October 22, 2013:Plug-In Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Consumers Webinar

Click to view Power Point presented at Webinar



JUNE 2013 –  Article by Thomas Content in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

$1.14 a gallon gas? That’s the equivalent cost for electric vehicles


MAY 2013 – “Making the Small Business Case for A Green Fleet Vehicle”  – Article in May  2013  Wisconsin Clean Cities Newsletter ReFUEL      Article about Evolution Marketing’s green fleet vehicle

10th Annual Green Vehicles Workshop & Vehicle Showcase

April 24, 2013

Lisa Geason-Bauer  participated in the third  panel discussion: Fleet Experiences from 11am – noon.  She shared experiences about the Evolution Marketing green fleet vehicle and its energy economy. Click to download a copy of the power point talk.

bunny.matc.greenfleet2013   bunny2.matc.greenfleet.2013

Photographs above from the Green Fleet Vehicle show at MATC

Evolution Marketing joins the Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air Program  (March 2013) 








  For more information on the program



Video taken at Evolution Marketing’s news conference, for the unveiling of our Nissan Leaf.  Video edited by the WI Clean Cities staff.



 Evolution Marketing Green Fleet Vehicle Additional Materials

Evolution Marketing Green Fleet Vehicle 2012 Energy Use Data

Evolution Marketing Fleet Vehicle Data June- Oct. 2012

Evolution Marketing Fleet Vehicle Performance Info.

Power Point Talk from Oct. WI Clean Cities Event Regarding Fleet Vehicle 

Power Point Talk from  WI Sustainable Business Council Conference Dec. 2012 about Fleet Vehicle Performance

Rationale for Green Fleet Vehicle/ History of Evolution Marketing Vehicles Usage