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Evolution Marketing’s Carbon Footprint Story

Evolution Marketing took a practical and pragmatic approach to carbon management at our office. In 2010, we did our first full carbon foot print analysis (looking at scope 1 and 2 emissions) for our office, operations and our vehicle.  The biggest generator of carbon in our operation was our company vehicle which was about 75% of our carbon footprint.

Based on these numbers we decided that our next vehicle (it was coming time to think about replacing our car) needed to pollute less. Fast forward 2 years and we were the first business in WI to purchase the all electric zero emission Nissan leaf. Click to read green fleet vehicle rationale

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 5.14.58 PM(image above from Carbon 101 Talk, Oct. 2014)

The Evolution Marketing Leaf is charged at our home/office and it runs on 100% renewable energy purchased through the Oconomowoc Utilities Green Power Partner Program, some of the energy is generated in WI, most of it is generated in the surrounding states (MN & Iowa). This energy is also Green-E certified.   The amount of electricity that Evolution Marketing is purchasing has increased since June of 2012 (when the Leaf arrived). The CO2 generated from all the electricity purchased for use in the business/office and for charging our vehicle is 3,582 lbs. In order to heat our office we purchased 86.3 terms of natural gas in 2013, that accounts for 1009 lbs of CO2. The carbon footprint for the EM office and operations in 2013 was 1009 lbs or .458 metric tons of CO2. 

In 2011, Evolution Marketing adopted a carbon neutral shipping policy (meaning that all items shipped from the Evolution Marketing office are sent via the Oconomowoc UPS Store through their carbon neutral shipping program.)


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