"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Responsible Business Consulting

Evolution Marketing’s talented staff is well versed in effective communication strategies, environmentally responsible design, branding and strategic sustainability planning.  Evolution Marketing team members are also expierenced business development consultants, we have worked with small businesses just starting out to large corporations, not-for-profits and governemntal agencies.  Below are a variety of project samples and testimonials which illustrate the diversity of consulting services Evolution Marketing offers.

Change Management & Leadership Development: 

Evolution Marketing has been working with the City of Oconomowoc and Oconomowoc Utilities since 2008, when the Oconomowoc Utilities Lead by Example Team was formed.  This municipal wide energy conservation team has championed many environmentally responsible initiatives, which have resulted in all of the municipally owned buildings saving energy, municipal departments adopting conservation practices and the creation of a Citywide 25×25 Energy Independent Community Plan.  In January of 2009, the City of Oconomowoc Common Council approved the resolution, “to advance Wisconsin’s vision for energy independence by generating 25% of the city’s electricity and 25% of our transportation fuels from renewable resources by 2025.”  Later in 2009 the Lead by Example team along with key City department heads drafted the City’s 25×25 Plan.   

Evolution Marketing team members have assisted the Lead by Example Team, Oconomowoc Utilities and the City of Oconomowoc during the planning and writing of the original 25×25 Plan created in 2009, as well as with the updated plan created in 2013. 

 City of Oconomowoc Utilities 25×25 Energy Independence Community Plan  Created 2009

City of Oconomowoc & Oconomowoc Utilities Updated 25×25 Plan     Created 2013


 Supply Chain Sourcing & Network Management:


The Wisconsin Green Building Alliance (WGBA) choose to contract with Evolution Marketing on their organization’s rebranding efforts, due to Evolution Marketing’s strong commitment to sustainability and their extensive network of local environmentally responsible suppliers (i.e. for ink, printing, paper, signs, etc).

Korinne Haeffel WGBA Executive Director further explains, “We really appreciate the holistic approach to sustainable design and environmentally responsible project management that members of the Evolution Marketing team have brought to our attention. From suggestions regarding sustainably sourced WI made, FSC papers, to recommendations on which print house to use based on the printers sustainability credentials.”

“When we tell our sustainable operations story, it is nice to be able to share with our members that Evolution Marketing (our marketing/design team) and Watertown Budget Print (our printer) both align well with our mission by having embraced sustainable operations within their own facilities such as implementing composting programs at their respective offices. It is wonderful to have found a trustworthy organization that has sustainability interwoven into everything they do,” Haeffel explained.


Strategic Business Sustainability & Community Development Consulting:


“Tom and I have worked with Evolution Marketing since the beginning of Hartland Organic Family Farm (HOFF) in 2012. We were drawn to their emphasis on environmentally conscious actions as a marketing business. Their extensive knowledge on green and sustainable products gave us the advantage on who to work with, and what would work best for us. Being a business with a focus on sustainability, Evolution Marketing seemed like the perfect choice for us to work with.
We know that we can count on Lisa and Mike to listen to what we are looking for, and follow through on the job given until it is done just right. We appreciate the many times that they have worked to make adjustments, or create updated marketing materials for HOFF.
We also appreciate Evolution Marketing’s focus on building strong relationships within the community. Lisa and Mike have spent many years developing a strong rapport with many local businesses, and it shows! Their connections to a multitude of Wisconsin businesses has given us the opportunity to collaborate at  various functions (image above of HOFF microgreens at the WI Green Building Alliance’s Transformation Awards Reception) in the area over the last two years.  As HOFF continues to develop and grow, we look forward to working with Evolution Marketing to enhance our sustainable community based efforts as a business.”
– Meghan Findley, Hartland Organic Family Farm

Strategic Planning & Business Development :

“Over the past few years I have had the good fortune to work on different non-profit projects with Lisa Geason-Bauer. It continually amazes me as to the vast league of associates she has to draw from within Wisconsin and throughout the Mid-West. I didn’t fully realize the full scope of her network until I enlisted Evolution Marketing to help me develop a strategic plan for a concept that I had been laying out for the past two years. I came to Evolution Marketing with the business model and basic image and she and her staff were able to put together an image package and unfold a three year strategic plan as to how to introduce, develop and grow my concept. An idea is only an idea until it’s put into action; Evolution Marketing was able to help build the long term strategic plan that I will be able to use as my company grows.”

 – Deborah K. Turner, C.E.O.  Annie’s Nannies