"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead


The Evolution Marketing team believes in “giving back.”

Lisa Geason-Bauer and the staff of Evolution Marketing have worked with and assisted several different community organizations since 2008.  Please scroll down to learn more about the organization’s which members of the Evolution Marketing team are passionate about!

Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market 2014-2015 Season

Lisa Geason-Bauer in her capacity as Greener Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market Director and Co-chair of the market planning committee, worked with the Evolution Marketing Design Associate Mike Bauer to unveil a “refreshed”  design theme for the 2014-2015 season of the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market marketing materials. The brown winter farmers’ market logo was further accentuated by the incorporation of the multicolored wooden boards for the background, as well as by the nice full color images of market products.  Below please see the various samples of artwork.


Above graphical elements were created for websites and social media to help promote the market.




Event Poster (above) and (below) Winter Farmers’ Market sponsors poster.


OWFM_2014-15 Sponsor Poster


Click to download the 2014-2015 Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market rackcard artwork


Greener Oconomowoc New Membership Brochure – 2014 

Creative Design and Communications Services were donated to Greener Oconomowoc, Inc. by the Evolution Marketing team in 2014.  Lisa Geason-Bauer worked with the Greener Oconomowoc Board of Directors to put together the copy for the new membership brochure.  Mike Bauer was responsible for creating the new “look” of the membership brochure (i.e. 4 color process over 2 coats of white veggie based ink, printed on an uncoated natural color stock paper).  Image below is of the inside of the new membership brochure.



Click to download a copy of the final Greener Oconomowoc membership brochure


Evolution Marketing is a Proud Sponsor of the 2013 Earth Day Bike Summit! 


Lisa Geason-Bauer and Michael Bauer are both volunteering their time as members of the 2013  Earth Day Bike Summit planning committee. Lisa and Michael have been working with the Greener Oconomowoc Earth Day Director  Deborah Turner to turn her “vision” into a reality.  The event logo (displayed above left) highlights the relationship between humans and our natural environment, using imagery to further demonstrate how “we” are connected and dependent on nature (trees) for our survival.  

2013 Final Earth Day Bike Summit Program

Earth Day Event Information Sheet

Earth Day Event Advertisement


Artwork above promoted all the activities that were geared towards children at the 2013 event.

News Release Announcing 2013 Earth Day Bike Summit 

Earth Day Bike Summit Event Details News Release


Photograph above of the new exhibit display for the WI Sustainable Business Council which was designed by Evolution Marketing.  The over-sized display matches the updated branding which was unveiled in spring of 2012 for the Council and Green Masters Program.


Snap Shot of the updated design for the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Website – Dec. 2012

During the fall semester of 2012, members of the Evolution Marketing team provided website design and technical assistance to a team of students from the University of Wisconsin Madison’s School of Business, who were tasked with building a new website for the WI Sustainable Business Council/ Green Masters Program as part of their curriculum.   Evolution Marketing designed the website template above and helped to field questions the students had about the timeline/process for building a new website.  The students organized and loaded all of the content and images to the site.

2012-2013 Season of the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market

front.OWFM.postcard.2012.2013  backOWFMpostcard2012.2013.

Lisa Geason-Bauer in her capacity as Greener Oconomowoc Winter Farmers’ Market Director and Co-chair of the market planning committee, worked with the Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce and Evolution Marketing Design Associate Mike Bauer to unveil an updated  “design theme” for the 2012-2013 market season.  Artwork above is for the market postcard and event poster.  The artwork focuses on distinguishing the winter market from the summer market by moving to a deep earthly brown color for the copy and border on the postcard.  The brown represents the fall and winter and changing of the seasons.  The cabbage image was taken during the 2011-2012 season of the market and it invokes a sense of “life and spring”.  In late summer the Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce and the summer, winter farmers’ markets were certified as “Travel Green” by the State of Wisconsin Department of Tourism.   The Travel Green certification is given out to businesses and events that are operated in an environmentally responsible manner.


Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council & Green Masters Program Artwork 2012

greenmastersbrochure   smallbusiness

Evolution Marketing recently completed an updated branding for all of the WI Sustainable Business Council Marketing materials and artwork.  Above (left) is the Green Masters Program cover and above (right) is one of five inserts, aimed at different market segments.  The sample above is targeted towards Wisconsin’s small business leaders.  The brochures and inserts were designed by Michael Bauer, Design Associate and Green Print Coordinator.  Art and Creative Direction was provided by Lisa Geason-Bauer. 

Greener Oconomowoc (GO) Jan – April 2012


Michael Bauer worked with the Greener Oconomowoc Membership Director and Board of Directors to create a new membership/marketing brochure for Greener Oconomowoc.  He also updated the GO branding on their business cards.  As part of Michael’s formal training at WCTC’s Print and Digital Media program, he was also responsible for printing the brochure and business cards.  Michael managed all facets of this project from graphically designing the brochure, sourcing of sustainably forested paper, management of the pre-press files as well as operating the digital press and finishing equipment.