"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead


Evolution Marketing is managed in a sustainable manner!

Evolution Marketing (Oconomowoc, WI) is the only advertising agency in Wisconsin that works within the environmental, socially responsible and sustainability niche that is also managed in an environmentally responsible manner.  At Evolution Marketing the staff works hard to “lead by example,” demonstrating how easy it is to implement cutting edge sustainability actions within a small business setting.  Evolution Marketing is committed to conserving Wisconsin’s natural resources and believe that it is important to support the local economy. All team members hail from Southeastern Wisconsin and each one is actively involved in different community level organizations/initiatives. In an effort to further share our commitment to sustainability below you will find a list of current sustainability activities which Evolution Marketing has done to lessen their organizations impact on the environment.

Green Built Office completed in summer of 2009

• All paints/sealants used in the office contained no VOC’s (volitional organic compounds).

• All building materials used were either green seal or green guard certified and the doors were Forest Stewardship Council certified.

• Energy Star rated windows installed along with Energy Star rated, super efficient combination heat pump & air conditioning system.

• All cleaning products used in office are non-toxic and earth friendly.

• The office is filled with living plants which contribute to better indoor air quality.

Transportation Actions

• From Jan 1st, 2008 to December 31st, 2011 – The Evolution Marketing vehicles drove 26,865 miles (approximately 6,716 miles per year), generating approximately 10.5 tons of CO2 (based on average fuel economy of 25 miles per gallon). From Jan. 1st, 2012 to May 31st, 2012 the Evolution Marketing vehicle generated approximately 1.093 tons of CO2 (based on the averages from previous years). In June of 2012, Evolution Marketing purchased 12 tons of Carbon offsets in order to cover the greenhouse gas emissions generated via vehicle miles driven since Evolution Marketing opened.


June 2012 – Evolution Marketing replaced a gas vehicle with an all electric zero emission Nissan Leaf. The energy that is used to charge the Leaf is purchased from Oconomowoc Utilities Green Power Partner program and it is made from 100% renewable energy and is Green E-certified.  For a detailed analysis regarding the expenses associated with adding the Nissan Leaf as the Evolution Marketing fleet vehicle, please see the Green Fleet Vehicle Fact Sheet.


Chart below reflects the 2013 energy use for the Evolution Marketing electric vehicle.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.33.13 AM

Click here for ongoing green fleet vehicle information.

Energy Actions

 • All lighting within office is energy efficient CFL  lights.

• All office equipment (computers, printer, phone system, paper shredder) are Energy Star rated.

• Yearly the energy usage data for the office/building is measured and monitored.

• All electrical energy used in the office is from 100% renewable energy (supplied by Oconomowoc Utilities Green Power Partner Program)

Water Actions

• Low flow faucet and toilet are used in the restroom.

• The Evolution Marketing office is surround by organic gardens and rain water from the roof is captured by rain barrels which are used to water the garden. Landscaped into the gardens are native Wisconsin plants and heirloom herbs, vegetables.

• No synthetic inputs are used on the lawn (i.e. only all natural/organic biological fertilizers and insecticides are used).

Waste Actions

• Garden residuals and leaves are chopped and composted on site.

Hartland_Organic-LOGO-SPOT• All food scraps were composted on site until summer of 2013, when a local family farm began picking up all food residuals.  Hartland Organic Family Farm (HOFF) now picks up compost every two weeks from the Evolution Marketing office.  They compost the food waste into high quality compost that is used as the base to grow their delicious microgreens and lettuce!   During the 2013 calendar year Evolution Marketing provided HOFF with 39 gallons of plant parts, food scraps etc… Click Hartland Organic Family Farm logo to learn more.

•  In 2012 Evolution Marketing began measuring all recyclable and landfill waste that leaves our office.  For the 2013 year, our offices diversion rate was 90%.

• Coffee grounds are used as a fertilizer in the organic flower beds as well as with the potted office plants.

• In the office newspaper, paper, cardboard, plastics and glass are recycled. Other items that are recycled include; ink jet cartridges, packaging materials, obsolete electrical items and CFL lights.

• Most of the office furniture and filing cabinets are re-used/re-purposed. Several items were salvaged from the former Oconomowoc Enterprise headquarters in downtown Oconomowoc.

Supply Chain Actions

• Many of the subcontractors that Evolution Marketing hires to work on projects are from the greater Oconomowoc area.

• All printing that Evolution Marketing sources for clients is from Wisconsin printers who uses environmentally responsible printing strategies. The majority of the paper sourced for the printing projects is also made in Wisconsin from either recycled fiber/mixed sources or from sustainably forested pulp/fiber.

• When items can not be sourced from Wisconsin (some promotional products) they are sourced from companies that use environmentally responsible materials (i.e. organic cotton), recycled materials or from a company that utilizes fair trade standards and employee’s a living wage for employee’s.

• The Evolution Marketing office uses materials that are made from recycled content and/or sustainably forested fiber (i.e. envelopes, paper, folders, storage containers, etc).

• The Evolution Marketing website is hosted by a company that runs on 100% wind energy (Fat Cow whose data centers, web servers and offices are powered by 100% wind energy). They are also an EPA Green Power Partner.



• Evolution Marketing and our employee’s donate time and resources to several local environmental organizations.  In 2014 Evolution Marketing donated time or resources to these local organizations; Greener Oconomowoc, Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market, Riveredge Nature Center’s WI Game Farm Dinner, WI Green Building Alliance and the WI Sustainable Busienss Council. (Click on the electronic advertisement we created to help promote the 2014/15 winter farmers market season!)

• Members of the Evolution Marketing team are also very active within the Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce as a Charter member of the Green Business Initiatives Committee, and as the chair of the Summer Farmers Market Committee and co-chair of the Oconomowoc Winter Farmers Market Committee.

Click here to see samples from our community projects!

Educational Outreach Actions

• The President of Evolution Marketing has also been a guest speaker to more then 20 groups/educational organizations in Wisconsin over the last several years. Sharing her experiences and knowledge regarding sustainability, green printing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, green businesses and local food.

• We took up the challenge!  Click here to learn more!

Local Foods

• It is important to support our local farmers; we can do this by buying local. By buying local we are not only supporting our neighboring farmers, but we are also cutting down on the amount of CO2 emissions emitted by transporting food long distances. Refreshments found in the Evolution Marketing office include; organic teas, locally grown seasonal produce and honey.

• Evolution Marketing is an enthusiastic supporter of local farmers markets, independently owned coffeehouses and restaurants who support local producers. Company events and meetings are held at businesses within the community that source local food.